Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity

At SQNIA our mission is to manage portfolios that help investors reach their financial goals, and provide the essential financing that enables businesses to grow and thrive.

Our focus is on investments in business-essential, revenue-producing or cost-saving assets with high inplace value. Historically, SQNIA has identified investment and financing opportunities in the medical, agricultural, energy, environmental, manufacturing, technology and transportation industries. The investment strategy is not tied to the stock, bond, real estate, or commodities markets and each investment by the program is secured by equipment or other assets.

For businesses, SQNIA provides financing for fundamental capital assets, such as manufacturing and production facilities, for an array of equipment-intensive projects. We conduct extensive due diligence on all transactions prior to investing, and consistently leverage our expertise with well-known equipment, vendors, and manufacturers to foster strong relationships and repeat customers.

Investments in equipment programs enable participation in vital financing for businesses in a manner that is not correlated to the real estate or traditional stock or bond markets.

New business world leasing volume increased to approximately $1 trillion in 2015.*

More than two thirds of North America's new business leasing volume was derived from the transportation, computer equipment, agricultural and construction equipment sectors.*
*Source: White Clarke Global Leasing Report 2016

Among the most-financed equipment types, all saw an overall increase in new business volume*

New business volume by equipment type
  • 26% Transportation
  • 21.7% Technology
  • 11.7% Agriculture
  • 9.5% Construction
  • 4.8% Medical
  • 4.7% Office
  • 4.7% Industrial / Manufacturing
  • 3.3% Materials Handling
*Source: White Clarke Global Leasing Report 2016