Investment Approach

Investment Approach

As an alternative investment manager specializing in asset-backed investing, we are striving to innovate the equipment leasing industry by offering financing through a combination of retail and institutional capital.

SQNIA focuses its investments in specific industries and asset types in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture & Environmental

Each investment opportunity goes through an extensive three-tiered due diligence as a part of the acquisition process.

  • Originate:

Transactions are sourced through our internal deal sourcing team and long standing industry partnerships with originators, investment banks and product vendors. SQNIA seeks to originate transactions that focus on business- essential, revenue-producing or cost saving assets with high in-place value.

  • Underwrite:

SQNIA's underwriting team conducts collateral valuation and aims to analyze, understand, and find the long term growth potential with the borrower’s management team and business plan. During the underwriting process, we strive to determine target investment size and risk profile within the portfolio.

  • Define asset coverage:

The underwriting process will show us where a company’s revenue streams are being generated. By pinpointing where revenue is coming from, we can determine what assets need to be secured as collateral on the transaction. Investments are primarily collateralized by having ownership of, or security interest in, the asset.

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